Subject Verb Agreement Worksheets Verb to Be

Subject-verb agreement is an essential aspect of writing in English. It ensures that the subject and the verb of a sentence match in terms of number. This means that if the subject is singular, the verb must also be singular, and if the subject is plural, the verb must also be plural. One of the key areas where subject-verb agreement is particularly important is with the verb `to be`. This is because `to be` can be used in a variety of tenses, including the present, past, and future, and can also be used as an auxiliary verb.

To help students gain a better understanding of subject-verb agreement with the verb `to be`, teachers often provide them with subject-verb agreement worksheets. These worksheets are designed to help students practice forming sentences with the correct subject-verb agreement. Here are some examples of subject-verb agreement worksheets with the verb `to be`:

1. Matching Exercise

In this exercise, students are given a list of subjects and a list of verbs to be matched. For example:

Subject: I

Verb: am

Subject: He

Verb: is

Subject: They

Verb: are

Students must match the correct verbs to the subjects to form grammatically correct sentences.

2. Fill in the Blanks

Another common type of subject-verb agreement worksheet involves filling in the blanks of sentences with the correct form of the verb `to be`. For example:

– _____ you married?

– My friends _____ very kind.

– She _____ a great singer.

– The weather _____ nice today.

Students must select the correct forms of the verb `to be` to complete the sentences.

3. Sentence Correction

In this type of exercise, students are given sentences with incorrect subject-verb agreement and must correct them. For example:

Incorrect sentence: The books on the shelf is very old.

Corrected sentence: The books on the shelf are very old.

Incorrect sentence: You is a good friend.

Corrected sentence: You are a good friend.

Incorrect sentence: My cat and dog likes to play together.

Corrected sentence: My cat and dog like to play together.

By practicing with subject-verb agreement worksheets with the verb `to be`, students can improve their grammar skills and become more confident in their writing. Teachers can also use these worksheets to assess their students` understanding of subject-verb agreement and identify areas where additional instruction may be necessary.